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Scenario Questions
Problem solving skills are essential for any Head Coach to have. You will receive full training before starting as a Head Coach but based on what you know already, please explain what you would do in the following situations. (There is not one right answer!)
You are waiting in the school reception with the team and ten minutes before sessions are due to start, you receive a text from a coach. The coach says that something has come up at the last minute and they won't be able to make it to the school today. They say that they have text their coachee too but they don't always have their phone on in school so might not have seen it. What do you do? *
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It is three weeks into the programme and you get an email from a coach saying that their coachee doesn't want to continue with the programme. They seem disappointed but have told their coachee it's okay and have therefore agreed not to meet anymore. You weren't aware of any issues before this email. What do you do? *
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As everyone is leaving after a session, a year 12 coachee lingers behind to speak to you. Once everyone has gone, they confide in you that their coach really doesn't know their stuff in A Level maths and the sessions aren't very helpful. They're getting more confused and wonder if they should choose a different subject to be coached in because they do want to stay on the programme. What do you do?
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If you know at this stage, please tell us which afternoons you will be free.
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