CWEA Student Night Survey - Professional Attendee Survey
Please let us know what we can do to improve the student night experience. This is an anonymous survey.
1. Did you attend the career fair? *
2. If you answered no to question 1, why did you or your company not attend?
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3. Were you satisfied with the number of students and prospective new hires in attendance? *
4. Did you like the location of the career fair? *
5. Do you think February is a good time of year to have a career fair when looking for candidates?
6. If you answered NO to question 5 above, what is a better time of year?
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7. Would you attend the career fair again next year?
8. Did you stay for dinner?
9. If you answered no above, why didn't you stay for dinner?
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10. In the future, we are hoping to get more professionals to stay for the dinner portion of the evening, which would encourage more students. What type of setting would make you want to stay for dinner aside from a panel geared towards students?
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11. Please let us know if there is anything else you think we can improve on at future career fairs. *
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