Canadian Fee-Only Advisors Listing -- Intake Form
This form will collect your data for inclusion in the Canadian Fee-Only Advisors Listing. This database is intended for people who primarily charge clients on an hourly or project basis (i.e., fee-for-service).

There is no charge for a listing. Expect approx 1-2 weeks for this data to be added to the directory.

Is this a new listing, or are you editing an existing entry?
For corrections and edits, please just fill in the fields you wish to change as well as your name and email address.
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Services offered
Please select all applicable services offered. For "other" please note that one-off specialties may not appear in the full table -- consider adding to the specialties field.
Fee description
Please list your fees (by the hour or project-based) and any associated description (esp. for project-based fees).
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Typical meeting and target client
Please feel free to use this space to describe a typical client engagement, or the type of client you are looking to work with.
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Please list any aspects that you specialize in. Please be brief and selective, this is the place to highlight a subset of the full menu of services, or to mention other aspects of your specialization (e.g., "specializing in retirement planning and decumulation issues"; or, "specializing in the needs of low-income Canadians"; or, "specializing in providing DIY investor support to recent grads and first-time investors").
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Investment philosophy
Please briefly describe your investment philosophy, if applicable.
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Investment management
Do you manage investments for clients?
Remote availability
Do you work remotely wtih clients, via phone, email, Skype, etc?
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