Map of Community Writing
The Map of Community Writing (MCW) is an interactive visualization platform for community members, students,
researchers, and teachers, designed to bring them into meaningful conversation with one another about local
writing projects. This map will serve as a crowdsourced repository for community writing artifacts and
accompanying narratives.

The next section is a 16 question form used to crowdsource entries for The Map of Community Writing. To submit a person, an organization, a project, or an artifact to this publicly available, open-source map, proceed to the next section. By proceeding to the next section, you confirm that you

1) understand that authors retain all copyrights and other rights they hold in works submitted here;
2) grant the MCW permission to include this submission in the publicly available map
3) understand this permission is nonexclusive and does not prevent you from exercising any rights that I you have in the submission or from entering into similar arrangements with other parties;
4) may request the MCW to remove your submission by e-mailing Darren Cambridge at and understand that removal will terminate public access to your submission;
5) have the right to grant this permission and that any entries you submit are original and, to the best of your knowledge, do not infringe on anyone’s copyright or other rights;

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