Re-Tie Form
We are sorry your Wunderkin Co. bow came undone. Our bows are guaranteed for life so we are happy to fix them for you, free of charge! Please fill out this form so we can get your information and have your bow(s) re-tied and sent back within 2-3 weeks. Please note that we must obtain an official tracking number from your local post office in order for us to track your return.

If your bow hasn't come undone but you are interested in having a headband converted to a clip or a headband converted to a new nylon shade, please continue filling out this form.

Please email with any questions regarding your retie.

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What bow(s) are you sending to be retied/fixed? WE MUST RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION *
Ex. "Prim" Schoolgirl Clip, "Lou" Mini Sailor Headband, Multicolored flower sailor bow.
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Tracking Number *
In order to receive a free retie, you must obtain a tracking number from your sent package to ensure your re-ties do not get lost. We are not responsible for their successful delivery to the office.
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Shipping Address *
Where should we send your new bows back??
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Would you like your bows to be converted to a new nylon shade? If so, please select one of three shades below?
Have you taken a photo of the front and back of your bow? *
Using your phone, please snap a photo of the front and back of your bow BEFORE sending so we can ensure no quality issue takes places during the retie process.
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