P.S. 299 Parent Survey Fall 2018
We are working hard at P.S. 299 to improve the quality of education your child receives. Responding to this short survey will help us. Thanks in advance!
The school staff regularly communicates with me about my child.
I am greeted warmly when I call or visit the school.
The teachers work closely with me to meet my child's needs.
The school offers a variety of programs for my child.
I would recommend my child's school to other parents looking for a school.
I am satisfied with the quality of education my child is receiving this year.
My child feels safe at school.
I know what the school's goals are for my child.
My child's teacher discussed the new math program with me.
My child's teacher discussed how my child can be an independent learner.
The school sets high standards of excellence.
Students at my child's school respect their teachers and other school staff.
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