DRC 2018 Vajrakilaya Retreat Registration (10/26-28) 寶法林2018年普巴金剛閉關報名
DRC will host a Vajrakilaya retreat from 10/26-28. Vajrakilaya is the wrathful form of Vajrasattva. It is one of the most important practice to overcome obstacles, please join us at this retreat. Ven. Lama Thupten Nima will lead this retreat. The empowerment will be given on 10/26 (Fri) 7-9 pm. People then go home and report back by 8:30 am on 10/27 to start the silent retreat until 10/28 around 6pm.
The retreat will be a silent retreat and participants will take vegetarian food and sleep at the temple on Saturday night (10/27). The fee is $115 for the weekend, including tuition, food, indoor camping, and offering to Lama. However, if you complete the registration and payment by 10/21 (Sun), you will get a discount of $85 for both empowerment and retreat, including meals and indoor camping. The registration will close on the night of Wednesday 10/24!
We also welcome sponsors for the entire retreat or on a daily basis to help with the expense of the event.

2018 普巴金剛閉關 (10月26至28日)

直貢寶法林將於10月26至28日舉行(普巴金剛)閉關,由 圖登尼瑪喇嘛主持。10/26晚上7-9 點灌頂, 閉關由星期六(10/27)早上8:30點報到後開始,至星期日下午約6點圓滿。全程禁語、素食,星期六晚上睡在大殿,費用115元,於10/21(日)前報名並完成繳費者可享優待 ($85)。普巴金剛為金剛薩埵的憤怒尊 為藏傳佛法中最主要的除障法,請大家踴躍報名 截止日期為10月24(星期三)。主法也將在10/28下午主持為亡者超薦的儀軌 利益亡者 有意設立超度牌位者 請與寶法林聯絡

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