Personalised Nappy Recommendation Questionnaire
Have you noticed that there's too much choice when it comes to cloth nappies? Are you overwhelmed with all the brands and models but you just want to be told what will work?

I would like to make it a little easier by providing you with a personalised cloth nappy recommendation, based on your baby, your family and of course your circumstances.

As The Nappy Guru (mainly focusing on nappy hire and workshops) I have come across almost every brand of nappy out there due to nappy repairs and nappy donations, as well as through industrial connections. With a few tick boxes I am sure I can find the best nappies for you and recommend 5 that you should try!!!

BONUS: You then have a choice to hire these particular nappies for $5/nappy/week for minimum of 2 weeks (for (Eg minimum 5 nappies $50 or 10 nappies for $100 or somewhere in between or $140 for 20 nappies (the standard brand trial hire kit) through my nappy library service. There is a bond of $100 which is returned once nappies are returned + postage ($15 or free pick up from Mt Nasura WA 6112 is available). More information on the nappy library service can be found by going here:

Grab a coffee and let's get started...

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How often do you plan to cloth nappy? *
Will your baby be wearing cloth nappies at day care or while being cared for by grandparents or others who may have issues with dexterity or arthritis or unfamiliar with correct fit? *
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How do you feel about where your nappies come from? I prefer...(tick all that apply) *
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Have you tried cloth nappies already? If so which Brands worked for you and did not work for you? (I will make sure these are not on your recommended list) *
Tick all that apply to help you find the perfect nappy: (tick all that apply) *
What are/were your biggest fears about starting cloth nappies? (tick all that apply) *
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