STP Early Career Professional Development Program

This short survey lets us know more about your professional needs. The information will be used to develop resources for the Professional Development Program and to match you with a mentor who can assist you in achieving your goals. The overarching goal is to help early career individuals be successful in their teaching, scholarly activities, and finding their first teaching job or in their early years of teaching.

    Professional Interests / Needs

    This section asks about your professional interests. Think about your PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, TEACHING, and RESEARCH activities and the areas where having professional development might be of benefit to you
    Developing a course
    Preparing classes (lectures)
    Teaching classes (lectures)
    Developing quizzes or exams
    Dealing with difficult students
    Balancing teaching/research
    Using technology/distance education
    Innovative classroom experience
    Please enter one response per row
    Identifying research topics
    Conducting research
    Manuscript preparation/writing
    Identifying funding opportunities
    Grant writing
    Computer/statistical skills
    Developing a research portfolio
    Managing lab personnel
    Please enter one response per row
    Understanding promotion and tenure
    Developing a plan for career advancement
    Finding your professional niche
    Accessing/utilizing institutional support
    Prioritizing professional demands
    Improving time management
    Identifying collaborators/partners
    Communication skills and networking
    Connecting to local/community resources
    Connecting to industry
    Balancing personal/professional demands
    Please enter one response per row