Esparza FC - Community Fútbol
Join us at Rich May Memorial Field (1425 Bay Rd. East Palo Alto, CA 94303) for a morning of soccer and new friends.
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Release of Liability
ASSUMPTION OF RISK, RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself and the applicant above (“Player”), understand that Player’s participation in soccer training provided by Esparza FC involves exposure to risks inherent in the sport of soccer, including but not limited to, falling, collisions with other players, participants or objects, and injuries associated with vigorous participation in the sport. I further understand that these risks cannot be eliminated from soccer training or games that these risks can result in injury or possibly even death. On behalf of myself and Player, with the full knowledge of these risks, I hereby expressly assume all risks associated with Player’s participation in soccer-related activities provided through the Esparza FC. RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND AGREEMENT TO INDEMNIFY. In consideration for the benefits received from Player’s participation in soccer training through Esparza FC, I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself and Player, hereby forever release and discharge Esparza FC, Youth Community Center at St. Francis of Assisi, Catholic Charities, their employees, owners, and agents (collectively the "Released Parties"), from any and all liabilities or claims that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, legal representatives and Player (collectively, the "Releasing Parties") now have or may hereafter have on account of injury, death, property loss or other damages resulting from negligence or other acts of the Released Parties, as a result of Student's participation in soccer-related activities. I further agree to defend and indemnify the Released Parties for any loss or damages related to Player’s participation in soccer-related activities through Esparza FC. I have carefully read this "Assumption of the Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement" (the "Agreement"), and fully understand its contents. I understand that this Agreement is a contract that is legally binding me, my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives and Player and that I am releasing rights to bring a legal action by accepting it. By signing below, I agree to the above.
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Media Release
I, the parent/guardian of the above named Registrant, in consideration for accepting the Registrant for the Esparza Fútbol Clinics' programs and activities (collectively the “Programs”) hereby grants to the Program unrestricted right and permission, free from approval, review or cost, to photograph, record or otherwise capture the Registrants likeness in all media, now or hereafter known, including, but not limited to pictures and video, to copyright the same in its own name, and which may be included in whole or in part for any commercial or promotional use of at its discretion.
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