Remote Learning Survey (Parents)
What building(s) did your child attend this school year? *
If you would like, you may complete a separate survey for each child.
How engaged was your child with remote learning? *
How much of the day did your child spend learning or completing schoolwork? *
Was there an adult at home who was able to assist with remote learning when needed? *
How much of the day was your child needed to care for another family member? *
Which of the following did your child find MOST challenging about remote learning? *
What did you find MOST challenging about using technology during remote learning? *
How concerned are you about the health and wellness of your family during the pandemic? *
Not at all concerned
Extremely concerned
What is one suggestion that you have for our district, should remote learning continue?
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Parents MAY have the option to choose in-person or remote learning for their child in the fall. Based on the limited information available right now, what do you feel would be your preference? (Your response only provides the district with information and does not commit you to this preference.)
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