Daybreakers Publicity Form
A simple form to gather information we can use to inform our members and the broader public about our works of service and fellowship to inspire greater connection with Rotary, our club, our mission and our works of service. Through communicating our mission and works of service we inspire others and help grow our capacity to serve and build fellowship.
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Please provide details in at least 2 short paragraphs which answer: Who was involved? What did they do? Where did they do it? When did/will it happen? Did anything interesting/fun/poignant happen? <Ask yourself... if you wanted to tell a good friend about this activity by email is this how you would describe it? If a friend won't read it, it's unlikely your fellow Rotarians or neighbors will either.>
Why Is This Event, Project or Plan Important? *
For Service: Why does this activity or initiative matter? Why should someone consider giving their time, attention or even financial support to this? For Fellowship: What did this do to build fellowship and the spirit of service?
Provide 2 or More Pictures/Videos of (or Inspired By) the Event/Project/Plan
Provide images or videos you own or have permission to use for publicity. If you do not have media, please go to next question.
No Media? Send Us Stock Photo Links!
If you do not have media, please consider visiting a stock photo site and doing a quick search using keywords describing your event/project or plan. When you find a photo, right click on it and "Copy Link/Image Address" and send it below. We'll order the photo, and include it on your story. Look on sites like:;; or
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Your efforts to provide this information will make a huge difference to our club and our ability to achieve our mission today and in the future. Thanks for investing a short time in our success!
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