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Average Customer Value
To give you a realistic estimate of your online potential, it is essential to know how much value a customer generates on average per transaction and over a lifetime. The following examples are based on estimates and are intended to help you identify your customers lifetime value:

Example: 1 Tax accountant

a) Average revenue/transaction (per customer): 500€
b) Average transactions/year (per customer): 1
c) Average customer lifetime (in years): 5
d) Average customer lifetime value (A x B x C): 2500€

Example 2: Online-shop for beauty products

a) Average revenue/transaction (per customer): 35€
b) Average transactions/year (per customer): 10
c) Average customer lifetime (in years): 3
d) Average customer lifetime value (A x B x C): 1050€

This data assists in giving you a recommendation about using your marketing budget efficiently.
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