Input form Decolonial Reparations Coalition (Aralez x DIN)
On April 22nd and 23rd we're organizing a Decolonial Reparations Conference. This form is meant to gather input and ideas regarding reparations for colonial damage. 

Through this form you can also sign up for the conference on april 22nd and 23d. 
The form will take maximum 10-15 minutes to fill in. 

Are you involved in grassroots initiatives, community organizing or solidarity work with(in) marginalised/oppressed communities? We invite you to share your ideas and demands for reparations. This can be both in the Dutch and Global context in relation to historic and present day colonialism and crimes against humanity.

The information collected through this form will be used to map the different demands on reparations for the conference on april 22nd and 23d. The aim is to publicize these demands after the conference. 

The conference focuses on historical and ongoing forms of oppression towards all colonised people's and people who face institutional racism. Ideas you want to share with us may include reparations for:
  • Slavery
  • genocide
  • Colonisation
  • Warfare
  • Climate destruction
  • Neo-colonial economic imperialism
  • Refugees crisis
  • destruction of culture 
  • Other dimensions you feel are important in this conversation

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Would you like to introduce yourself? 
Are you active in an organisation or movement? Or are you active as an individual? And in which theme do you have an expertise? You can mention multiple organisations, movements or theme's in your answer or add organisation links and websites
What are issues you think are important to take into account for reparations? This may include historic and present day issues. (Please be as concrete as possible).
What are possible demands, actions or solutions you  would like to see as reparation of colonial harm? 
What are examples of reparation initiatives that have inspired you and you would like to share with us?
Anything else you would like to add or ask? 
Would you like to join our conference on april 22nd and 23d. The conference is 15 euros per day, including Lunch and dinner on the Saturday.  *
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