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Please enter all the information below so we can do our best to assign you a VIP tagger to help you with your consignment needs. Please note that filling out this request does not guarantee you will be assigned a VIP tagger, only that you will be on the list to be assigned a tagger. Taggers are assigned by location, workload of your amount/type of items, availability of tagger, and many other factors.
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Kids Books
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Children's Furniture (easily fit in any car)
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Kids shoes
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Purses, suitcases
Adult Room Decor
Adult Furniture (easily fits in any car)
Large Furniture
Adult shoes
If you would like to request a specific tagger, please choose their name below OR choose "no preference" ... please note that we can not guarantee their availability for this sale but will do our best to place you with them. *
For returning VIP consignors only: Did you have any challenges (or great success) with VIPing during the last sale? If so, please let us know below details and how we can improve our VIP service:
When will your items be ready to be dropped off at your tagger's home? *
I understand by completing this form I will be put on a list to be assigned a VIP Tagger for the upcoming Encores South Sale, if one should become available. I know that this request does not guarantee I will be assigned a VIP tagger, only that you will be put on this list and the volunteer VIP coordinators will keep me informed of my status on the list as best as they are able. *
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