BSM Fall Retreat 2018 - Registration
September 28-30, Riverbend Retreat Center, Glen Rose TX, $50

• Enjoy two fun and relaxing days away from UTA

• Spend time with friends and connect with new people

• Stay in a beautiful retreat center along the Brazos River

• Worship God and hear practical Bible messages

• Bonfires, smores, good food, fun group mixers

• Free time to play, study, talk, relax or nap


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Do you have any special medical conditions we need to be aware of? (Only conditions that could present a medical emergency. We will respect your confidentiality. If you prefer you can simply email Gary.
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DRIVING (Trip is 60 miles each way. BSM reimburses drivers fuel if you take at least three riders.To drive you must have 1) a reliable automobile 2) valid driver’s license, 3) car insurance, 4) willingness to obey all traffic laws, follow the schedule and drive safely.) *
PAYMENT - Please pay online or at the BSM by Tuesday, Sept 25. Need to cancel? You must notify a BSM staff member before Tuesday, September 25. Online payment: *
SIGNATURE: Please type your signature below to affirm the following statement: “I am registering for Fall Retreat. I commit to pay the $50 registration fee. If I can not to go, I will cancel by Tuesday, September 25. I will not hold UTA BSM or Riverbend Retreat Center liable for any injuries resulting in my participation in Fall Retreat.” *
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