Application: SPRING Intensive 2019
**DEADLINE: 29th of March 2019**

Under the guidance of a mentor, participants will follow 3 days of SPRING Performing Arts Festival, watching performances, meeting artists, discussing emerging themes, sharing their own artistic practice and research, as well as explore new thoughts and concepts. Please note: the Intensive entails full day sessions and watching performances in the evening.

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SPRING Intensive by Dries Verhoeven

Some artists choose to stage machines instead of human actors. Romeo Castellucci staged forty machines to dance in his version of the Sacre du Printemps. Theatre collective Urland has cast a machine for the leading role in Explorer/Prometheus. Kris Verdonck often works with robots and various moving devices. The German collective Rimini Protokoll integrates forms of artificial intelligence in their work. Dries Verhoeven prefers to think through the social and political potential of an installation rather than the skills of actors.

At a time when there is a growing interest in the inclusive human story, the machinization of theatre seems to suggest a countermovement: not representation but alienation seems to be the aim. One could consider this the perfect translation of a world where algorithms bypass the human dimension.
Or should we claim the opposite: Is our sense of identity now so intertwined with technological entities that we hardly regard them as alien? Many perceive the mobile phone and social media as extensions of our organic self; taking them away can feel like a corporal punishment. Does that make a robot more capable to reflect on our lives and to establish an affective bond than a trained actor?

In the SPRING Intensive, we will investigate the development of this machinization of theatre through two questions: How does the use of machines in performance practice change dramaturgical thinking? What present and future visions can the use of machines foster?

Taking his own artistic practice and that of others as a starting point, in the SPRING Intensive, Dries Verhoeven and the participants will search for answers to such questions. Together you will develop concepts and discuss their potential. A proactive attitude is expected from participants, and an interest in both the theoretical and the executive practical aspect of an arts practice.



When: 22, 23 and 24 May, 2019 | 10:00 - 17:00 followed by performances in the evening

Costs: €140,- (incl. 3 performance tickets, 3 lunches and 3 dinners)
*or €160,- (incl. full festival passe-partout, 3 lunches and 3 dinners)
Accommodation and travel are not included in this price.

Application: The SPRING Intensive is open to (emerging) artists and researchers in the field of performance, from visual artists to writers, to scenographers and performance makers. A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted.


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