Village Quilters 2019 Quilt Show Entry Form
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Please submit one form per quilt being entered.

Quilt must be completed at the time the entry is submitted. Pulling your quilt at the last minute causes extra work!

You must be a member of Village Quilters of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest Quilt Guild.

Step 1: Submit your entry form

Step 2: Look for the email with your quilt entry # information
- After submitting the entry form, you will receive an email in 3-5 days:
- From:
- Subject: Quilt Entry # - Quilt Name

Step 3: Submit photo of your quilt
- Reply to the email and attach the photo of your quilt
- You will receive a separate email for each entry
- Only attach one picture per email

DISCLAIMER: Village Quilters' insurance does NOT cover loss of items while at the show. Check your personal insurance policy to make sure items are covered while they are not in your home.

Member First Name *
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Member Last Name *
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Email Address *
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Photo Release *
I give Village Quilters of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest permission to use the submitted photos of my quilt for publicity purposes, including but not limited to, advertising and promotion of Village Quilters of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest's website and quilt show.
Quilt Name *
Name is required. (Do not use "Untitled")
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Quilt Dimension - Top (inches) *
Hanging edge - where the hanging sleeve is attached
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Quilt Dimension - Side (inches) *
Side/Height of the quilt - PLEASE NOTE: If your quilt is more than 9 feet tall, you will need to position your hanging sleeve so that the hanging length of the quilt is 9 feet (108 inches)
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Quilted By *
If quilted by someone else, please check "Other" and provide their name
Name of Quilter, if Other selected above
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Quilting Method *
Quilts of Valor
Quilt Category
Select if your quilt falls into any of these categories
Workshop Instructor
If you selected "Village Quilters Workshop" in the Quilt Category above, enter the instructor's name
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Group/Quilt Bee Project Name
If you selected "Group/Quilt Bee Project" in the Quilt Category above, please decide on a name for the project. Everyone will need to use the same project name so that we can display the quilts together. Example: Sew Bee It - Churn Dash Exchange
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Charity Quilt
If you selected "Charity Quilt" in the Quilt Category above, please provide the name of the Charity that will receive your quilt.
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Is your quilt for Sale? *
Main colors used in the quilt *
Please specify the 2-3 predominant colors
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Theme or Quilt Pattern *
If you submit multiple quilts, this information will make sure we correctly match the quilt entry and submitted picture. Examples: "Butterflies", "Log Cabin", "Christmas"
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Description *
The information entered below will be displayed next to your quilt. Please indicate details such as pattern name and designer, quilting techniques used, what inspired you, recipient and occasion, challenges overcome, or anything that might be of interest to the viewer.
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Additional Comments
Any information that would be helpful for the Setup Committee. Examples: Hang to show front and back of quilt, Two or more quilts in a series - hang with quilts "Seasons - Summer, Seasons - Winter, Seasons - Fall", Multiple small quilts hung together etc.
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