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Hey everyone, thanks for wanting to be on Ali's Bookshelf, I really want to feature authors this year on the blog and this is how I plan on doing it. So if you would like to be on Ali's Bookshelf, please fill out the form and I will make sure that happens. After you sign up I will contact you and let you know the date and when I will need the guest post. Then all you have to do is write it up and if you want add pictures, send it to me and Ill post it. Its pretty simple!

If you chose more than one of these features, please don't pick dates in the same week. Also if you chose to do a featured book, make sure you send me the book image to .

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Author Features
Just pick the feature you would like to write, then pick a date under that feature. Thanks
Day In The Life...
This feature is day in the life of you, you can title it day in the life (insert name) etc.
How Do I Do It?
This is a writing topic guest post. Anything that has to do with writing works.
Browsin Your Bookshelf
What's On Your Bookshelf? This is the topic of this feature
Take a Break...What a Vid
This is where I feature book Trailers.
Featured Book
(This is a sidebar feature, I will feature your book and the summary with Goodread and Amazon links. This is a week long feature) Please leave a date when you would like to be featured and the book information
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Meet The Author
This is where I pretty much feature you! These will be posted at no specific date, if you would like to be a featured author please tell me below and I will contact you.
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