Pie N Mash Mutual Aid - Member Form
We are glad you found us.

This is a form to join Pie N Mash as a member. Members can both request support and also offer support by volunteering their time.

You can use this form to request help with food and other essential items.
Please let us know if you need help with anything else, as we may be able to direct you to other sources of support.

After you submit this form, another member will contact you to discuss more details.

Everything Pie N Mash does relies on work done by the members of our community.
There are loads of ways to contribute. You can give anything from one hour of your time upwards.
You can help out on a regular basis, or whenever you have time to spare.
We encourage all members to contribute to the mutual aid group in any way they can.

We look forward to meeting you.
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Roughly when are you available? For example: Thursday afternoons, weekday evenings, weekends. Some of our activities take place at certain times of the week, others are more flexible.
If you want to help with deliveries or collections, please tick any that apply:
Would you be interested working on any of our community projects? You can find more details about each project on www.pienmash.org.uk/offer-support/projects. Please tick any you'd be interested in helping with.
Please tell us about any skills you have that might be useful to Pie N Mash or the members of our community.
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