Canceled/Postponed-A Hilltop Racial Literacy Parent Event: How to (Further) Engage Our Children in Conversations About Race and Racism: Connecting the Classroom to Home

Apologies for the inconvenience, this event has been postponed and will update on a new date.

For children and adults living in the United States, race is a topic of great impact and importance. Even though race dominates our media and news cycles, our sense of identity and psyche, race and/or racism was something many parents did not learn about in their own education, and some households today do not proactively speak about it.

Regularly, parents and guardians have questions, such as how and when to discuss race and how to maintain and embrace unity while doing so. A team of educators from Pollyanna have created a comprehensive, innovative K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum and a Parent/Guardian Companion Guide to share essential knowledge about race, and how to engage in productive conversations about race and racism, both in the classroom and at home.

Presenting to parents and guardians at Hilltop Schools, Monique Vogelsang, lead creator of this Curriculum and Guide, will review key racial literacy ideas and highlight books and media sources, discussion topics, and activities for families to further develop their racial literacy skills. By the end of the workshop, parents and guardians will learn essential information and strategies to engage their children in conversations about race.

We will start promptly at 6 pm on Tuesday, March 3. Food will be served during the program.
Meet us at Riverdale's Lower School Campus - 1 Spaulding Lane, Bronx, NY.

We thank the Hill School Parent Association Committees for supporting this important event.

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