UCR EH&S Hazard & Incident Notification System
Welcome to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety Hazard & Incident Notification System!

All faculty members, staff, students and visitors at UC Riverside have an obligation to perform their work in a manner that does not endanger their health and safety, the well-being of others, or the university environment.
Members of the campus community can participate in making the campus a safe place to work, study, and live by identifying health and/or safety hazards or unsafe conditions by informing those responsible for the problem area.

Please note that this form is not to be used to report emergencies or eminent danger. Call 911 (campus landline) to report emergencies or contact UCR PD (951) 827-5222 by mobile device.
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Were there injuries or exposures inflicted to an employee? If YES, please fill out the EFR at: https://ehs.ucop.edu/efr/home immediately. [Please skip to submit if answering YES] *
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