OMYFL New Club Expression of Interest Form
Form to be completed by clubs interested in entering a team or teams the OMYFL for the coming season, where the club is not a current member club.

If you are intending to switch from another League, please remember to check if you have to give notice to your current League (and the period of notice) before you leave them.

Note that any new clubs wanting to play in the OMYFL for the coming season must send a representative the OMYFL AGM to be voted into membership by the current member clubs. Details will be sent to the contact person named on the form.

Club Information
Please answer all questions with as much information as you can. You should receive a response within seven (7) days of completing this form. If not, please email
Name of club *
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County FA affiliated to *
In which League(s) did team(s) listed below play in 2018-19 season (if new, enter "none")? *
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Venue address(es) including postcode for teams listed *
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What facilities are available at the venue(s) *
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Charter Standard status *
As a Charter Standard League, we require all clubs not Charter Standard to work towards and obtain CS status as soon as possible.
What is your reason for wanting to join the OMYFL?
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Any other useful information to support application?
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Number of potential teams to be entered upon acceptance at League AGM (age groups are for the 2019-20 season)
Please enter the number of teams to be entered in the League against each age group as appropriate (leave an age group blank if it is not relevant to your club)
Under 7
Under 8
Under 9
Under 9
Under 10
Under 11
Under 12
Under 13
Under 14
Under 15
Under 16
Under 17
New for 2019-20 (previously part of Oxfordshire Invitation League)
Under 18
New for 2019-20 (previously part of Oxfordshire Invitation League)
Under 19/20
New for 2019-20 (previously part of Oxfordshire Invitation League). Likely to run as an Under 20 age group, with U19 and U20 teams depending on number of entries.
Contact Information
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Club role *
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Contact number *
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