Reopening of Bective Tennis Courts
Bective Tennis is following all guidelines and recommendations from Tennis Ireland regarding the safe reopening of tennis courts. We are also implementing all protocols as advised by the HSE, including providing hand sanitising stations, ensuring social distancing and the like.

To enable effective Contact Tracing should it be needed, you are required to fill in your contact details below in advance of booking a court and attending at the club. If you do not fill in this form, you will not be permitted to book a court.

Please note that all people using the courts must fill in this form or entry will be refused to the grounds.

You only need fill in this form once. However, if your details change from the time of first filling in the form, you must complete the form again with your updated details.
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Please sign and date this section to confirm that you agree to be bound by the new COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines for the Reopening of Bective Tennis Courts as published by Bective Tennis and available here *
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