Maidstone Lake Service Award
Award Purpose:

To recognize those individuals who have consistently placed service above self in the stewardship of Maidstone Lake. These individuals have made significant contributions to our community through dedication and commitment to preserving this shared habitat. There is not a requirement for an award(s) to be given each year.


Nominations are due to the MLA Board NLT June 22 to be considered for this year. An MLA member, in writing or online, must submit nomination(s) using the attached format or online form.

Award Committee:

The award committee will consist of the 9 MLA Directors.

Criteria for Selection:

-The individual must have consistently contributed to the Maidstone Lake community over a number of years, and have made a significant impact on the improvement & preservation of our lake community & habitat. These individuals have consistently placed service above self and have supported the lake and the Association’s mission.
-Nominees must be or have been (in the case of death or relocation) a good standing member of the MLA.
-Award Nominee write-ups will be given to each MLA Director to review and they shall cast a written Yes or No Vote on the occasion of the Directors’ May or June meeting. The MLA Directors will conduct a discussion and conduct research as needed about each nominee to ensure all information is available prior to casting a vote.
-All 9 MLA Directors must cast a vote unless they need to be recused.
-Nominees must receive 7 of 9 MLA Directors votes for award to be granted (or 6 of 8 if a Director needs to be recused).

Awardee Recognition:

-Each Awardee will be recognized in public at the Annual Meeting and a Bronze plate with their name and year of award will be added to the Maidstone Lake Service Award Plaque proudly displayed at the entrance to the lake.
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