Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization based in the USA and Kenya, Africa. PMentorship is an alliance of Kenyans & Global Elites extending networking & MENTORSHIP services to young school girls & boys situated in slums, urban and remote areas of Kenya and beyond by focusing on the empowerment, leadership, scholarship, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, socio-economical, spiritual and academic growth of these future leaders.


The 21st Century Mentorship Movement that actively participates in the enlightenment of the young school children and youths situated in the slums, urban and remote rural areas of Kenya and beyond through the powerful, strong and committed networking and mentorship program that majorly inculcate the necessary life skills such as critical thinking, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, scholarship and well-roundedness among these upcoming next generations of leaders and builders of our nations!


We envision enlightened, productive, peaceful and well-rounded next generation of Kenya's youths and leaders; and a slums free Kenya where poverty, socio-economical injustices and tribalism are expunged by the strong powers of faith, networking and mentorship alliances.


NEED: Our communities are in great need of strong & committed mentorship, more critical thinkers, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, well-rounded, empowered and educated children & youths who are the future leaders of our communities, societies, nations and the World.

SOLUTION: From our founding message, Mentorship and networking are the greatest foundations to achieving successfully educated, well-rounded and critical thinkers in our societies today and tomorrow. Therefore it is paramount to propagate committed and strong mentorship to these young girls and boys who are situated in the slums and remote areas; a great continuity to the fight against despicable issues facing both parties in societies today especially in the slums and remote rural areas where girls suffer in silence and are still devalued and denied of their rights as human beings, they are still victims of inequity, violence, domestic abuse, gender inequality, to name a few of the many social injustices they go through. One of our main values and the main aim is MENTORSHIP, therefore the PMC at these schools will be a great way to help influence the students and promote mentorship, leadership, critical thinking, volunteerism and sense of community service among these students. In order to achieve this, therefore one of our main goals is to help initiate the P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Clubs (PMC) in Primary and High Schools situated in the slums, urban and remote rural areas of Kenya and beyond that would be willing to collaborate with us. We will provide the basic guidelines as will be laid out on our PMC Leadership & Guidelines Manual. We will be walking the PMC leaders through the process. This is a great way to engage the students themselves in leadership and enable them to start engaging in more critical thinking and having more sense of community service and volunteerism through the various enlightening activities that PMC clubs will be engaging in. More so, it will be a great way to involve the schools' alumni to engage more in giving back to their societies and reaching out as mentors to help enlighten the students coming after them besides the cross-cultural interactions and continued enlightenment that will be extended to the PMC members by both the Kenyan and Global mentoring individuals or groups associated with the P.A.K.E.M.A Organization.

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P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Club (PMC)
FEEDBACK: We already have PMC initiating process going on in a number of schools and many more schools interested as well and are looking forward to having a PMC in their vicinity. We are still reaching out too many schools.

QUESTION: Are you a current High School student, a group of alumni who would be interested in seeing a PMC initiated at your current or former High School and be part of it? Are you a college group from Kenya and Globally who would be interested in engaging in this mentoring journey as a PMC mentor? Then fill in this form to help us with information on how we can reach you, your current or former High School and your College or Organization Group.

Our Mission & Vision Statements and other details are shared above this form.

Thank you in advance for the support. Welcome to P.A.K.E.M.A Family!
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I, the undersigned, hereby state that as a P-Mentee or P-Mentor I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Program. I agree to abide by the P.A.K.E.M.A Values of: Integrity, Mentorship, Teamwork, Equity and Servant Leadership. I agree with P.A.K.E.M.A Mission & Vision Statements. I further understand that commitment is really important. I affirm that I have not been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor classified as an offense against a person or family or public indecency. I therefore affirm that I have read the above Mentee/Mentor Memorandum Of Understanding and fully agree to its contents. I therefore certify that the information I have provided above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I will maintain the confidentiality of any information that P.A.K.E.M.A and any other important parties will share with me on behalf of my P-mentee or P-mentors.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to fill in this form and also for the support. We look forward to contacting you as soon as possible once we get your submitted form. Just a reminder: Please remember to hit the submit button below.

Welcome to P.A.K.E.M.A Family!

PAKEMA Mentorship Alliance Team
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