Equinox and Art Jump - Volunteers
Welcome amazing dream weavers and incredible spirits !

We are very delighted to find you interested in helping the flame of Burning Man Netherlands burn more brightly at the Equinox and ArtJump Gathering.

The date is Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at venue Blijburg in Amsterdam.

Your participation is vital to the Equinox art salon & mixer, and ArtJump Gathering!
Please keep the ten Principles in mind, as this is at the core of our community.
Please remember to submit this form by Sunday 19th of March 2017. But the sooner the better! We love to hear from you which really relieves the organizational pressure.

We will start building on Friday evening 7pm til 11 pm, both indoors and outdoors, and Saturday 10am till 5pm, but you will receive details on how and when, once you signed up.

Thank you ! ... So lets flame and fill in the burning form below :-)

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