Jazz From Afar LIVE March 2021
A learn-from-home 4-week African American Vernacular Jazz course with Cat Foley for Lindy Hoppers and Jazz Dancers! The theme is: Embodying Jazz Rhythms
15 min Simple breakdown of 'root' move(s) for that class, suitable for newer dancers
45 min Open level material
15 min Challenge zone!

We'll be exploring:
- OG African American dancers and musicians, history and cultural context of the Swing era.
- The joy of moving to music.
- Exercises to build up classic moves and how to put them together excellently.
- How we express rhythm through our body and how we interpret music.

Wednesday March 10th 18:00 UK time/ GMT
Wednesday March 17th 18:00 UK time/ GMT
Wednesday March 24th 18:00 UK time/ GMT
Wednesday March 30th 18:00 UK time/ GMT

Learning options:
Option 1) Follow-along classes (60-75 mins per week) streamed live AND recorded, with a weekly Question and Answer session for additional support.
Option 2) The above plus feedback on a weekly practice video.

We are living in tricky times, so I am offering for you to self-select your contribution. If if helps you financially, I'm very happy to offer the course to you for free as a cheer-up gift! No worries at all- just talk to me about it.

Option 1) Suggested contribution approx £20-£30
Option 2) Suggested contribution approx £30-£40

- I will send an email with a Zoom Meeting link to all listed participants at 17:30 UK time every Wednesday.
- This email will also contain the music playlist for class
- 17:45-18:00 I will answer any questions/ you will have time to sort out the technology from your side.
- Class will begin at 18:00 GMT and last approximately 75 mins
- During the live class participants are required to turn off their audio and may be asked to turn off video sharing occasionally if streaming quality is poor. Class numbers are limited to maximise engagement. I will offer many opportunities for questions/ requests/ clarifications to be typed into the live chat, or asked in person.
- After the class is finished, the recording will take a while to process and then the download link will be emailed to all participants (Usually by 8:30pm, internet speed permitting).
- If you wish to select Option 2 and receive personal feedback on your practice videos, you can film yourself practicing for around 1 minute per week (during class if that makes things easier time-wise!), send it to me via youtube or similar and I will offer some feedback. I'll review up to 4 minutes of footage during the course overall.

Ts & Cs:
- I cannot be held responsible for technical errors in the live-streamed video! If technical problems occur that require the live class to be shut down, I promise to send the same content over as recorded material in a timely fashion and offer additional time for Q&A.
- You can join the course any time during the month, you will miss out on the live elements that have already passed, but will receive all recorded lessons.
- Videos will be available to view and download for at least 1 month after the end of the last session.

- UK BACS transfer via Monzo Bank:
Sort Code: 04 00 04
Acc No: 81366322

- UK/International Paypal:

Reference: Jazz From Afar 8/ JFA8

I will donate a portion of the financial contributions to anti-racist and pro-Black organisations, because Jazz is a Black African American dance that I get to enjoy, without facing any of the struggles the Black community face.

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