Here are some opportunities to be involved with Thunder Ridge Football games & events - Choose the things that interest you.
Please provide your preferred contact information and select events you would like to help with.
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Photo / Video
We always need action shots during games and video for game film. We provide iPads and camcorders for shooting game film.
Team food
Would you like to be called to provide food items for team dinners or snack bags for road trips?
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Be part of committee to help make homecoming week special for the team.
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Senior Night
Be part of committee to help make Senior Night memorable.
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If you have great ideas and like to make game-time fun for the crowd, whether it's promotions, fan participation, free give-aways, or trivia, your help is welcome!
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Do you like to round up sponsors and donations to help fund team gear, special items, special events or crowd promotions and give-aways?
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Printed program
Help with any of these: layout, graphics, photos, ad space, printing
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Game tunnel
Put up, operate generator, manage at half-time, take down and put back in equipment room at home games. This takes a team of at least 4.
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Parent ideas are always welcome!
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