2020 Addiction Recovery Issues Poll
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Which state do you reside? *
Which political party do you most identify with? *
Are you or someone close to you personally impacted by either addiction or mental health recovery? *
Do you believe that negative attitudes towards persons with addiction and mental health challenges has an impact on that person’s likelihood to seek the support they need? *
Do you believe Judges should have more discretion or less discretion when sentencing those with non-violent crimes and that also demonstrate a true desire for rehabilitation to Recovery programs instead of sentencing them to jail or prison? *
Do you believe that people incarcerated for non-violent crimes should be provided access to addiction and mental health recovery services? *
Of the candidates that you are likely to support this year, do you know your candidates positions on addiction and mental health recovery? *
Would you support a political candidate of a party you are not affiliated with if they prioritized solutions to your state's addiction and mental health crises? *
When thinking about the eventual economic and public health recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, how important do you believe it is to focus on addiction and mental health as pillars of that recovery? *
How would you grade your state elected officials on their efforts to combat our addiction and mental health crises? *
Do you believe our first responders (such as police, firefighters, and paramedics) should be provided more crisis training on offering addiction and mental health recovery services (including carrying things like Narcan, an emergency nasal treatment for opioid overdoses)? *
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