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Thank you for choosing to live on campus at Cumberland University. Cumberland requires freshman students to live in a residence hall unless they receive documented exemption from the Office of Residence Life. Students may petition for exemption if s/he meets certain criteria. To complete the waiver, visit:

Attention Parents & Guardians -
Please have your student complete this application. You should not complete this application as there is a 76.8% roommate change when someone other than the applicant completes this form, compared to 9.8% when the applicant completes the form. Thank you for making our jobs easier by making your student complete this form.

Included in this form, you will find your housing application, emergency contact information, housing contract, and information about paying your housing deposit fees. Application and fees must be received prior to assignments being made. Housing contracts must be signed by the incoming student in order to be considered accepted.

Assignments are made based on the date your housing deposit is paid. Housing assignments for fall semester will be available after July 1st. Assignments for incoming spring semester students will be available after December 1st.

Priority Deadlines:
Fall Applicants - April 1st
Spring Applicants - November 15th.
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