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Begin Ed India Code of Conduct
Begin Ed India strives to nourish connection, cultivate community and create through collaboration. As a Begin Ed India student or graduate, you represent these values with us.
Nourish Connection - As a Begin Ed India student or graduate, I will use my lactation knowledge and skills to connect with the parents, babies, families and communities I both counsel and provide support to. I will assist and support both individuals and groups with kindness and compassion on the lactation journey, from pregnancy through the early years. *
Cultivate Community - As a Begin Ed India student or graduate, I will participate in the growing lactation professional community in India by encouraging and helping others in mutually beneficial ways. I will seek to build relationships and work together for the promotion of the larger lactation profession and advocate for breastfeeding in various communities. *
Create through Collaboration - As a Begin Ed India student or graduate, I will respect and honor what others have created. I commit to using my login and registration only for my individual purposes. I will not share login information, course resources or other Begin Ed India materials (intellectual property) without direct permission from Begin Ed India. *
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