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To apply for House Spiral membership, first become familiar with the Core Agreements listed below and then please complete this form.
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Core Agreements for ALL Members
• Must have at least 1 sponsor who is a Red Dragon or Black Dragon.

• Must have attended at least 3 Gatherings and/or been active online on Discord for 3 months before consideration for membership.

• Know the House Spiral Motto: Hugs are Good. Jerks are Bad.

• Know that House Spiral is sex-positive, prosocial, and goth-friendly.

• Make an effort to interact on a regular basis (weekly if not daily) with other House Spiral members (online and/or offline) and view it as a priority.  

• Make a good-faith effort to be friendly and welcoming to all members, new and existing.

• Take the time to have a basic understanding of the “House Spiral Shared Interests Subjects”  and the value of the prosocial activity this entails.

• Behave in such a way as to make it clear House Spiral members are dedicated, trustworthy, friendly, welcoming, and intelligent.

• Are aware there are no Republicans in House Spiral.  

• Make a good-faith effort to help improve House Spiral in some way.

• Agree that science overrides superstition in all decisions related to health & government.

• Make a good faith effort to improve our own health and lifestyle at your own pace.  We gently try to encourage better overall health.  

• Agree to attend at least one gathering per month on average and/or be regularly active on our discord.

• Make it a priority to respond to other house spiral members as time allows.  
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Who should we give credit to for introducing you to House Spiral?
Which Red or Black Dragon has agreed to sponsor your membership request? (First Last) *
Only 1 sponsor required for White Dragon membership. If applying for Red or Black Dragon membership, please also fill out 2nd sponsor option.
2nd current House Spiral Member who has agreed to sponsor your membership request. (First Last)
2nd sponsor only required if applying for Red or Black Dragon membership. For Red Dragon applications, sponsors must be existing Red or Black Dragons. For Black Dragon applications, sponsors must be existing Black Dragons.
Have you attended at least 3 Gatherings in the last 3 months? *
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Current yearly monetary contribution to House Spiral *
If paid monthly, multiply by 12. If nothing contributed, enter 0.
Other comments or things you would like taken into consideration with your application.
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