African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), Online Survey on visitor’s requirements to ACHPR Website (
What is the group of website users you are belonging to?
Why do you visit the site, what information are you looking for?
How many times per week do you visit the website?
What devices are you using for visiting the website?
What parts of the website do you visit usually?
What kind of information from the website has the highest importance for you?
What incorrect information / malfunctions / functional deficiencies did you detect at the website?
What annoys you most on the site?
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What kind of information would you like to find at the website that is currently missing?
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What additional special functions / features should be provided by the website?
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What would you suggest in order to improve the user-friendliness of the site?
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What type of information would you like to see directly at the homepage of ACHPR?
Do you know similar websites that do a better job than the ACHPR site (pls. enter web addresses starting with http ….)?
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Do you have further ideas or recommendations about the website? Pls. provide:
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Only if you like: Pls. provide additional information about yourself (will be treated confidentially) e.g. Name, Organisation, Function, email
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