Parent Input- 5th to 6th Grade Transition for Families
Please take some time to fill out this form about your child. We have found the information from these surveys to be critical in making the best possible placement for your child on a team. We use this information, with information provided by your child’s current teacher(s) to make the placement decisions. During the month of April, we will be forming the teams for the incoming class.
Please write your child's name (first name, last name)
What elementary school do they currently attend?
Clear selection
What should we know about your child’s learning needs?
What should we know about your child’s social needs?
What characteristics would be a good match for your child for an advisor? For example, are there certain interests that the advisor might share with your child? Does the gender of the advisor matter to your child?
Are there students that we should try to place in a different advisee group than your child?
What else would be important for us to know about your child?
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