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Thank you for considering serving the Lakes of Fire community as a member of the Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. (GLEA) Board of Directors. The Board has two positions opening January 2021, for a term running through the end of 2023 (covering three event cycles 2021, 2022, and 2023).  

The Great Lakes Experimental Arts Board of Directors is composed of 7 members from around the Great Lakes region. Current members include:
Jessica "Rabit" Baile
Scott Van de Vyver
Megan Smith Jovanovic
Mike "BrewBear" Little
Scott "Skennedy" Kennedy
Laura "Jin" Thompson
Ila "Jackpot" Coltas


While these roles continually evolve, we hope the following summary gives you a sense of the position and the commitment:

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. Board members are the legal face of the Lakes of Fire event and are directly responsible for the long term sustainability of GLEA. Board members are expected to have a viewpoint that looks out for GLEA, not just a singular area or department within the LOF event. LOF Leads handle most day-to-day event planning and ops. Most decision making comes from within the Leads group. However, Board members are ultimately responsible for the on-going nature of the event / organization and must contribute and act from that viewpoint.

In general; contracts, insurance, donations, legal paperwork, conflict resolution, accountability and financial oversight all fall in this zone. The board is also focused on the cultivation and fostering of long term organizational health which covers areas like the annual Leads event planning retreat, support of conflict resolution, tracking and communicating the organizational vision, documenting and updating long-term plans, documenting our successes and supporting change which serves to make GLEA a stronger, more effective organization. On-site, during the Lakes of Fire Event, Board Of Director On Call (BODOC) shifts include; coordinating and heading up daily Leads meetings, documenting incidents, working with Rangers, ESD, and other department teams to resolve event issues, interacting with local officials and law enforcement when necessary, and enforcing event policies, including potentially ejecting participants from the event.

Position requirements include access to a computer and ease with email and online forums, access to a phone and internet, commitment to at least 2-4 hours per week off-season and much more time during the prime production season, calm decision making under pressure, an ability to set aside personal ego for the best of the overall organization, and an interest in learning about & participating in the financial and legal oversight of a non-profit organization. The board frequently communicates via online chat and holds video conferences once a month, along with joining the Leads conference once a month and participating in person for retreat weekends - a Board retreat, safety retreat, and 2 Leads retreats.

Every effort is made for two Board Members to be on the event site as soon as any affiliated LOF boots hit the ground. This is usually eight days before the effigy burns. Likewise, post-event demands on-site Board members as well, usually 3-4 days after the effigy burns. During the event, Board Member shifts are 24 hours long. Two Board Members are scheduled per shift which equates to having 3 shifts each throughout the week. All Board Members work on Burn Night, two as designated on a 24-hour shift and the remaining members as support from 6pm until the conclusion of the effigy burn.  

Throughout the year, the Board may be involved in using conflict resolution and mediation to address complaints or concerns from and between participants and organizers. The Board is also makes final determinations for action in response to recommendations from the Code of Conduct Committee. Topics can be sensitive and will require strict confidentiality and non-disclosure measures.    

There are many roles needed to create Lakes of Fire. To be a Board Member can be a great responsibility. It can also yield the greatest sense of achievement, pride, and enrichment. It is an honor to be a part of the production team that focuses on the sustainability of this event.

The deadline for applying is October 1st.
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