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Principal Aims
Challenging religious privilege and dogma
We advocate the separation of religion and state, proper representation of people with no religion, the ending of privileges for religious organisations and the secularisation of 'faith’ schools. We challenge religious teachings that divert people away from reality.

Defending rationalism and free speech
We believe people should be free to express and publish their beliefs, however controversial, without fear of prosecution, persecution, or physical harm, as long as they accord the same rights to others. Anyone should be prepared to submit their views to vigorous debate, questioning of their evidence and testing of their conclusions.

Working for justice and fairness
We believe our efforts should be devoted to the elimination of human misery, injustice, poverty and ignorance in the world as it is here and now. We oppose unfair discrimination, bigotry and coercion based on factors such as beliefs, racial or ethnic origins, disability, sex, age, sexuality, or lifestyle.

Promoting a morality for life

We believe moral values and virtues like fairness, kindness, loyalty and honesty arise from people needing to live together in peace and harmony, not from any religion. Moral rules must -be judged by their consequences for people now, not by their appearance in the ‘holy’ writings of ancient societies.

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Leicester Secular Society is a company limited by guarantee
Reg. No 06292639
Registered Office: Secular Hall, 75 Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 1WB
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