Mind Treasures Pre Class Questionaire
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Is this the first time you are taking Mind Treasures class?
If you have done Mind Treasures class before, do you still use your treasure box?
Are you born rich?
Do you receive money regularly such as allowance, salary?
Do you have savings account in a bank or credit union?
Have your parents / guardians talked to you about money?
Are you planning on going college or university?
Can you buy everything you like to have with money?
Should you have a long list of things you would like to have?
Should you borrow money for the things you would like to have?
What happens to money if it is left untouched in savings account in a house of finance?
What is the money that banks give you called?
Do you think you should have some responsibility around the house such as taking trash out, helping set tables, fixing your bed and etc?
Which of the following should you do with your free time?
What do you normally do with the money you receive as gifts or allowance?
Do you think all children & youth have everything that you have (like a home, food, water, school and toys)?
Would you become happy if you could help other people that may need assistance?
Are you excited about coming to this class?
Write down any talents like playing music, drawing, story writing that you have.
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Can you make money with your talents?
What kind of job(s) would you like to have when you are older?
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