2019 Photoshoot/Gathering Submission Form
Photoshoots and gatherings are different from the typical programming of panels, workshops and events, in that they don’t take place inside of rooms. This can be anything from a cosplay photoshoot to a gathering of people that are all into the same series that just want to chat. In order for your fan gathering to be on the official schedule, it needs to be open to all attendees, and it needs to be an all-ages event! There will be no 18+ gatherings/photoshoots. If they are accepted, fan gatherings submitted through this application will appear on the official schedule, and be guaranteed a spot in the convention center.

There will be two locations for fan gatherings - the upstairs lobby, and at the gazebo (the rain location will be just inside the convention center in the hallway near the gazebo). We may add a third photoshoot location if we see fit. For photoshoots, we will try to make sure an official Nashicon photographer is present, but depending on the density of the schedule this may or may not be possible. Note that even if you request a specific location or time, your gathering may be scheduled in a different time/place due to schedule conflicts.

Organizers of gatherings will not be compensated with a badge.

All gatherings/photoshoots are given one hour. You do not need to fill the entire hour, however you may not go over your one hour time slot. IF there is not a scheduled photoshoot directly after yours, you may continue to take pictures or stay in the area for longer than the hour, however you will be expected to leave the area when the next photoshoot/gathering is supposed to take place.

If you have any questions, feel free to email events@nashicon.com.

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