Survey: 2019 Programs & Activities at Islamic Centre of Canada (ISNA)
We at Islamic Community Center of Canada (ICC) want to hear from you! We would like to understand ways we can make ICC a vibrant centre responsive to our community's needs in 2019 Insha Allah.

In this survey, please share with us how you use or would like to use the center and benefit from its programs. We appreciate your time, feedback and ideas.

Q1. How often do you visit the ICC?
Q2. How would you rank your knowledge/ awareness of ISNA and its programs and services?
Q3. What is your engagement level of ICC?
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Q4. How would you rate current programs at ICC (overall)?
Very Poor
Did not attend
Adult Halaqas
Adult classes
Children's classes
Youth programs
Seniors programs
Health and fitness programs
Community engagement programs
Civic engagement programs
Life and creative skills programs
Friday prayer & sermon (Khutbah)
Ramadan: Iftar program
Ramadan: Taraweeh program
Ramadan: Itikaf program
Eid prayer & sermon (Khutbah)
Funeral prayer
Q5. Based on current ISNA programs and services at Islamic Center of Canada (ICC), what would you like to like us to continue offering under the following categories?
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a. Education
b. Health & Fitness:
c. Community Engagement:
d. Life & Creative Skills:
e. Civic Engagement:
Q6. Which of these program target audience you are interested in at ICC?
Q7. Are there specific programs that you would like to propose for 2019 programming plan?
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Q8. Are there any speakers, artists, scholars, or experts you would like us to consider inviting to ICC programs in future?
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Q9. Any other comments or suggestions are welcomed and highly appreciated. Thank you!
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