Volunteer Application to Talk The Talk Core Team 2021
Talk The Talk is an initiative to train the next generation of public speakers. The project is working to create a profound cultural change towards public speaking in Finland, and later across the world. Talk The Talk runs the annual main program with the final show in November, every year. In 2021 we will host our 6th event in a row!

In addition to the main program, the community organises a series of open public speaking workshops and events throughout summer & fall. Here is your moment to shine! If you want to join in this movement and help create the show for 2021, apply here!

We are a volunteer driven organisation and we are looking for like minded individuals who have -
- Enthusiasm to change the Finnish public speaking culture for the better
- A go-getter who is proactive in solving problems and willing to learn
- 2-10 hours of your time/week (less during summer, more during autumn as we get closer to the main event)

Our volunteer positions include finance, marketing, graphic design, production and event operation, and helping workshop organisation. Your enthusiasm is our first priority, your skills only the second.
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