Poetry Analysis Quiz -- A Noiseless Patient Spider
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Who is the audience for this poem? (To whom is the speaker speaking?) *
The imagery in this poem involves mostly involves ___________. *
The connection the speaker makes between the spider and his soul is . . . *
The purpose of this poem is to convey the idea that the speaker . . . *
The tone of this poem is . . . *
The speaker compares his own seeking of answers to infinite and unanswerable questions with an event in . . . *
The audience first becomes clearly identified in . . . *
In the first stanza, the word that most describes the speaker's feeling toward his own situation is the word . . . *
It is clear from the poem that the speaker feels _________ the universe. *
The speaker identifies his or her soul with the spider in all of the following ways EXCEPT the spider's ______. *
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