Carlow Smart Community Network Survey
This form is designed to help gather details from the individuals who are interested in training or participation in this exciting program. If you have any question please email, call 01 5240040 or visit
What is your closest venue for training
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Name of your local community?
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Which of these online tools do you use
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What local groups/club are you a member of?
Please insert name of group + position> e.g. 1) PRO in local Tidy Towns 2) Player with Local GAA
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Which Community Development Theme are you interested in?
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I dont have much interest in this theme
1. Business & Employment
2. Energy & Carbon Reduction
3. Safety, Crime & Extreme Weather
4. Habitats, Environment & Sustainability
5. Buildings, Resources & Infrastructure
6. Health & Wellbeing
7. Education & Skills
8. Culture, Heritage & Arts
9. Local Vlunteer Management
10. Governance, Management & Planning
How could the community be improved in your opinion?
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