2020-2021 Application for MC EPIC Program
EPIC is a STEM program at MCHS.
EPIC includes learning that is Experiential, Project-based, Innovative, Collaborative and Cross-Curricular.

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Twitter: @MillCreekEPIC Instagram: millcreek_epic Website: https://www.gcpsk12.org/Domain/4850

Please submit this application through this Google form (or you may complete the paper form and return it to your middle school teacher with your registration form) by February 15, 2020. This program is intended for students enrolling in Geometry, Accelerated Geometry, Gifted Geometry, or Gifted Accelerated Geometry their freshman year at Mill Creek High School and have an interest in STEM and project based learning.
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We understand that the EPIC program includes additional courses and requirements that differ from traditional coursework at MCHS. This program provides a total of 7 credits per year with 4 credits earned through the EPIC program and 3 earned through additional courses during the school day. Although not required, students are strongly encouraged to bring a device such as a laptop or tablet with keyboard to class each day. We agree to comply with the program requirements and commit to the program for four years. We understand a student has to have successfully completed Algebra I or Accelerated Algebra I and will enter MCHS in Geometry. Middle school teachers will be consulted for recommendations for all students applying to the program. *
This question may be answered as an essay or in place of an essay you can be creative and submit a link to a video, presentation, time-line, storyboard, or other means of communications where you answer the two questions in an alternative format (please record link below and/or feel free to attach additional materials.) EPIC learning is experiential, projected based, innovative, cross-curricular, and collaborative. This is a new approach to learning that require students to explore, discover and use critical thinking skills. To be successful, our team values time management, collaboration and problem solving skills. Describe and give specific examples demonstrating one of these three skills. In addition, share at least one other skill or interest that you believe will help you be successful in our project based environment. *
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