IM-Strategies and Stroke Transitions
Name and Training Group
What is the IM??
Race Strategies of the 100/200 and 400 IM
The 100 and 200 IM are sprints, often the fly is too relaxed and by the end you could be too far behind. Backstroke needs to utilize strengths such as underwaters and your arm tempo needs to be a 1.3-1.4 for girls and 1.3 or faster for boys. The back to breast turn is the most important as that is the one turn that is not like open turns or flip turns and can cause a lot of mistakes. Breaststroke needs to be high in the water, driving forward with a fast turnover. Freestyle you are getting the legs going 100% the moment you breakout until the moment your hand touches the wall.

The 400 IM is a more strategic race than a 200 IM. A common race strategy of the world elite 400 IMers is to stay relaxed and consistent on butterfly and then focus on negative splitting(second 50 faster than the first 50) on the 3 remaining 100’s.
What officials look for in the transitions of IM's
Whether you are racing the 200 or 400 IM, there is needs to be an importance of speeding up and not slowing down into the walls.
Each stroke is governed by the rules prescribed____________
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Turns shall conform to the finish rules of the stroke_________
The fly to back and breast to free turns, the wall must be touch with two hands simultaneously ____, above or ______ the surface
When approaching the wall for the back to breast turn, the swimmer can turn in any matter after touching on their back, but they must be on their ______ when leaving the wall
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Many elite swimmers use the ________ turn on back to breast
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Crossover turn-Backstroke to Breaststroke
This is an advanced turn, however it is THE FASTEST way to execute a back to breast turn in the IM's. You can skip ahead to 2:30 in the video to get straight to the 5 steps of learning the correct way to execute a crossover turn.
In the crossover turn, the finishing arm should be ______ unlike when you are finishing into the wall in a backstroke race
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In step 4 it is explained to keep the bicep __________________. The reason is that once it crosses in front of the face, you are no longer considered on your back
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