A40 Choir Bring 'n' Sing events 2018
I'd be really grateful if you can please take a few moments to complete the very short questionnaire below for singers to shape future events. Your email address will not be shared with anyone else and is also to prevent multiple voting!
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1. Your favoured Works for Easter Sing-in 2018 *
1 - Definately will come
2 - V likely to join in
3 - OK would come along
4 - Unlikely to join in
5 - Not keen wouldn't join in
Work/composer unknown to me
BACH St John Passion
FAURE Requiem
MOZART Requiem
BRAHMS A German Requiem (in English)
STAINER The Crucifixion
Your other suggested works and comments on list above, if any:
2. Your preferred format/time for events generally - please score each: *
1. My most favoured option
2. V. Likely to join in
3. OK - would consider coming along
4. Unikely to join in
5. Not interested
Saturday: 3-5 rehearsal 7pm concert
Sunday: 3-5 rehearsal 7pm concert
Weekday: 7-8 top 'n' tail. 8:15 Concert
Saturday All-day workshop 11-4:30 & 7pm concert
Sunday All-day workshop 11-4:30 & 7pm concert
Long weekend on coast - rehearsals, hotel stay & concert
Further comments on format, if any:
3. Easter 2018 is 1st April. School holidays: 30 March-15 April. Please indicate your likely availability (subject to preferences indicated above) *
Yes - currently available
Yes - depends which day
Good Friday - evening
Good Friday - all day
Weekend of 23/24 March
Weekend of 16/17 March
Weekday evenings of w/c 25 March
Weekday evenings of w/c 18 March
Further comments on dates, if any:
4. Thanks for your information so far. Now, to finish, just a few general quickies: *
No strong feelings either way
Does having an orchestra or only piano/organ influence whether you'll join in?
Does every event need to have a charitable element?
Would having a charitable element make it more likely that your friends would come with you?
Ticket price: £15 + £5 to charity?
All-day workshop & concert £25 + £5 to charity?
Concert with orchestra ticket price £35
Is a surcharge of £3 a month before the event enough to encourage you to book prior to incurring it?
Further comments on the quick-fire questions, and generally, if any:
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