Mission Statement Spiritual Insights
Please answer the following questions based on your spiritual insights after reflecting on revising our Mission Statement to "Be a Visible Presence of Jesus." Keep in mind what this potential Mission Statement says about us and how it describes our purpose.
* It decribes the core value of being Jesus to others
* It describes that it is important to the community to be visible to others
* It describes that Resurrection is unique in that not all parishes are as visible to the community as Resurrection is
* It is easy to remember and it is already familiar
How does "Be a Visible Presence of Jesus" speak to you about the core values of this faith community and, at the same time, challenge its members?
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How does "Be a Visible Presence of Jesus", as it applies to Resurrection Church, engage the greater community in recognizing the place of the sacred in the midst of the secular world?
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How does "Be a Visible Presence of Jesus" make itself manifest to your and our guests who come to worship with us on weekends and/or participate in service projects together with us outside of liturgy?
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What are some other spiritual insights that you have gained when considering "Be a Visible Presence of Jesus" over the course of your prayer time during Lent especially as it applies to the purpose and existence of Resurrection Parish?
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