AVID MS Application 2019-2020
Please complete the following application to be considered as a member of the middle school AVID Elective Program.
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Academic Honors: Briefly describe any scholastic distinctions or honor you have earned beginning with the sixth grade.
Extracurricular, Personal, and Volunteer Activities: Please list your main extracurriuclar, community, and family activities/hobbies in the order of their interest to you. Include specific events and/or major accomplishments such as musical instruments played and/or sports team participation, etc.
Student Short Answer Questions: Why does the AVID program appeal to you? If you have previously participated in the AVID program, what did you gain from the experience and why do you want to contiune? What makes you a strong candidate for the AVID program?
Student Short Answer Question: Why do you believe college to be important? Will you be the first member of your family to go to college? If so, how does that make you feel?
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