What Next?
What Next? is a temporary public mural designed to showcase our individual words and reintroduce our community to one another -- to help inspire a shared vision for our collective future.

The mural will use the exterior walls the Shelburne Craft School to celebrate who we are, what we have learned, how we hope to change, and what we need to leave behind, as we look forward to the months and years ahead.

Please share your thoughts via this digital poll before June 12th and stay tuned to watch your words come to life at the end of June!
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What Next? will rely on the power of art to start an important public conversation by inviting us to share visions for our future.

So, please share this form with others in your community and please also follow the Shelburne Craft School on Social Media for times and dates to submit responses in person and/or information about other new initiatives taking place this summer!
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