MMHEOC - Era of ChaoStar Entry Form
From January 15th to 31st, submit your original M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos video clip to us to be crowned as a ChaoStar!

✍️<Event Rule>
• During the event period, make a video about M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos, and upload it to your content channel such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc.
• Submit your video by filling the registration form.
• The event committee will review all submissions based on following criterion. The more conditions the video meets, the better reward it will get.
• The maximum amount of selected entries for each candidate is 3 per week.
• Selected videos will get a chance to be reposted on EOC’s official channels, including Facebook, Discord and more.
• Superior candidates will get a chance to be recruited as our official ChaoStar and get more official support long-term!

🙌<Content Criterion>
• Original video with positive contents
• The length of video is longer than 5 min
• Solid introduction of the game content (strategy video, new updates intro, etc.)
• Vivid and entertaining commentary
• A certain amount of channel audience base

Selected videos will be ranked as Level S to Level C and gifted the below rewards:
o Level S – 2000~3000 diamonds
o Level A – 1500~2000 diamonds
o Level B – 1000 diamonds
o Level C - 500 diamonds
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